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NISM Mock Test 5

NISM V-A Mutual Fund Distributor   Certification Exam - Online solve question answer banks with mock test practice 100+ question

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In case of capital gains from mutual fund investments, Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) is applicable for: _________

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‘Once it is finalized, a mutual fund scheme’s benchmark cannot be changed at a later date.’

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Which of the following statements is True?

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What is the maximum Total Expense Ratio chargeable in case of index funds?

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Mutual fund distributors can only earn upfront commission from the mutual funds.

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The Income Tax Act allows setting-off of the short term capital loss against long term capital gains.

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At what price are the bonus units issued to the unitholder?

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In what form do mutual fund distributors earn revenue?

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What is the tax applicable on the income earned by the mutual fund schemes?

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In case of mutual fund schemes, dividends can be paid only out of _________.

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Unsystematic risk can be reduced through diversification.

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As per the fair valuation principles laid out by SEBI, it is mandatory to disclose the valuation policy in ______.

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Investors have bought 20 crore units of a mutual fund scheme at Rs. 10 each. The scheme has thus mobilized 20 crore units X Rs. 10 per unit i.e. Rs 200 crore. An amount of Rs. 140 crore is invested in equities. The balance amount of Rs 60 crore, mobilized from investors, was placed in bank deposits. Interest and dividend receivable (accrued but yet not received) by the scheme is Rs 8 crore, scheme expenses payable (accrued but not paid yet) is Rs 4 crore. Calculate the scheme’s NAV per unit.

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_________ takes into account all dividends generated from the basket of constituents that make up the index in addition to the capital gains.

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Government securities can be considered to be completely risk-free.

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Redemption from which of the following mutual fund schemes would attract Securities Transaction Tax (STT) for an investor?

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Mutual fund distributors earn no commission when the investor chooses to invest in “direct” plans.

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What term is used to describe the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the scheme after the dividend is paid out (Remember the NAV would have dropped to the extent of the dividend paid and the Dividend Distribution Tax, thereon)?

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