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Mutual Fund Mock Test

NISM Mock Test 2

NISM V-A Mutual Fund Distributor   Certification Exam - Online solve question answer banks with mock test practice 100+ question

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Passive funds are safe, as the NAV of such funds do not go down even when the respective markets fall. State whether this is True or False.

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Which amongst the following is a measure of risk-adjusted returns of mutual fund scheme?

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What minimum percentage of the mutual fund scheme corpus must be invested in equity and related instruments in the case of Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS)?

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Whose KYC needs to be completed in case of an application by a minor?

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Which among the following schemes would have lower risk of concentration?

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An investor invested in scheme A when the scheme’s NAV was Rs. 120 per unit. The investor redeemed the investments at the NAV of Rs. 135. Calculate the simple return.

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Which of the following is a measure of fluctuation in periodic returns in an equity mutual fund scheme?

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Investors have bought 20 crore units of a mutual fund scheme at Rs. 10 each. The scheme has thus mobilized 20 crore units X Rs. 10 per unit i.e., Rs 200 crore. An amount of Rs. 140 crore is invested in equities. The balance amount of Rs 60 crore, mobilized from investors, was placed in bank deposits. Interest and dividend receivable (accrued but yet not received) by the scheme is Rs 8 crore, scheme expenses payable (accrued but not paid yet) is Rs 4 crore. Calculate the scheme’s NAV per unit.

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In the non-equity-oriented funds, the rate of long-term capital gains tax is .

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How many (maximum) bank accounts can a resident individual investor register with a mutual fund folio?

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As per the SEBI guidelines, how often should the mutual fund scheme’s portfolio be published?

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Redemption from which of the following mutual fund schemes would attract Securities Transaction Tax (STT) for an investor?

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13. For an investor to get a quick sense of the level of risk involved in a mutual fund scheme, SEBI suggested a simplified framework known as

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Mutual funds are allowed to charge differential exit loads based on the amount of investment.

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15. Which among the following is not a statutory document?

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Investors have the right to specify up to investment folios.

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Which of the following cannot be considered for the purpose of selecting a scheme’s benchmark?

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_____are close-ended debt funds.

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When the interest rate in the economy increases, the price of existing bonds .

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