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NISM Mock Test 4

NISM V-A Mutual Fund Distributor   Certification Exam - Online solve question answer banks with mock test practice 100+ question

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Investors have the right to specify upto ___ nominees for their mutual fund investment folios.

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Which amongst the following categories of mutual funds have a fixed maturity date?

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Which among the following investment avenues does not offer income on a regular basis?

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Providing funds for a daughter’s marriage is an example of _______.

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Mutual funds can buy and sell securities only on delivery basis.

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With which agency are the mutual fund distributors registered?

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The transparency levels in mutual funds are very low. State whether True or False.

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“Please read the scheme related documents carefully” – which documents does this line refer to?

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Registrar and Transfer Agency function must be independent of the Asset Management Company, and it cannot be retained in-house. State whether this statement is True or False.

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What is real rate of return?

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Only individuals are allowed to distribute mutual funds in India.

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Which of the following regulates mutual funds in India?


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The purchasing power of currency changes on account of which of the following?

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When interest rate in the economy increases, the price of existing bonds ____.

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Which of the following statements is ‘TRUE’ with respect to the Scheme Information Document (SID) and Statement of Additional Information (SAI)?

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Each mutual fund scheme must have a stated investment objective. State whether True or False.

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Which of the following is an advantage of mutual funds?

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Who handles the day-to-day management of the mutual fund?

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Which of the following statements is ‘True’ with respect to celebrity endorsement for mutual funds?

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_____ indicates how much money can be generated per unit of mutual fund in case the scheme is liquidated.

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Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination offered by __________ is required for becoming a mutual fund distributor.

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How often should the Key Information Memorandum (KIM) be updated?


(Page 105).

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Whose job is it to track the various corporate actions like bonus, dividend, or rights issues in companies where the mutual fund scheme has invested?

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